Act Me Out, Adventures In Magic Land

This tool is designed to help children have fun using their imagination in dramatic play.   Parents and teachers can use it as a communication tool to help them address difficult issues that a child might have a hard time expressing.  How can one product do all this? Read on.

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What's more fun than watching a puppet show? Being in one!

Puppets Pizzazz is pleased to present to you Act Me Out, a creative and interactive kit that allows children to become and act out characters in the story. Complete with a color-coded, scripted storybook, two audio CDs, a DVD, and four large hand puppets straight from the Puppets Pizzazz show, it's guaranteed fun! Act Me Out lets the children portray some or all of the characters in the storybook. Each track or scene has a character's voice removed and the child gets to insert their voice in that spot. The last track or scene has all the voices removed so they can put on the show or make up a whole new story! There are over 10 different ways to act out the story, which means hours of fun playing by themselves or with friends. The DVD demonstrates how Act Me Out is done. Buy now and receive a free backpack by mentioning the code ACT9306.

Did you know that Act Me Out can improve children's learning skills? 

Act Me Out requires the child to use both their left and right brain at the same time. Research has proven left brain functions are words, logic, numbers, and reasoning. Right brain functions are images, imagination, and patterns. Act Me Out uses reading, memory, patterns, and imagination. The key implications for teaching are techniques that appeal to both brain functions that will improve student learning. The brain is like a muscle - the more it is used, the more it is developed, leading to increased capability to learn and remember.

Act Me Out Can be uses as a very effective communication tool!

For example, your child may be having a hard time expressing him or herself or is going through a tough time. Sit with the child and read or act out the story in the book with the puppets. Then go to the last track on the second CD that has all the voices removed. Ask the child to use the puppets to act out a story that is bothering them. Ask them what character they want you to be and change your voice to become that character. Using the puppet, ask the questions for which you need the answers. Research has found that children express themselves more freely through puppets because they feel it is not them talking, but the puppet. In creative puppet play, the child is free to be any role they choose. The child can play out any situation and portray the outcome she or he wishes. If criticized, the puppet takes the blame. This detachment can help them to express their needs and understand their feelings and actions. Therefore, Act Me Out can be used as a vehicle for expression and release.

Example of color coded story book

Example of a Color Coded Storybook

Example of a Color Coded Storybook