Puppets Pizzazz has now merged with Hiccups [Helping Innocent Children Cope Using Puppet Satire ] to teach Life skills/ character building to the very young through puppets, music, and storytelling. You'll be still enjoying the same variety format show that has made puppets pizzazz so famous, but now you can hire us to both entertain and educate! Pick from our educational presentations that cover a variety of life skills that help any child to be a successful, happy adult! 
Pick Shows Or Sessions From :
1- Understand the Power of Your Mind and Why You Achieve What You Believe Show
This life skill show will help improve children's feelings of low self-esteem, feelings of shyness, awkwardness, or unworthiness, changing why kids think bad things about themselves [bad self-talk], and power shifting negative emotions to positive attitudes.

The skills that covered in this show are; self-responsibility, living a life of integrity and choosing respect!  This presentation will improve feelings of being bullied, Bullying others, being disrespectful to adults and others, Lying, sneaking, cheating, and letting others take advantage of you.

The skills sets covered in the show are; Creating self-respect, making right decisions, and Standing up to peer pressure. This presentation includes conquering feelings such as handling change in your life, being irresponsible, handling mistakes and handling peer pressure.

How to Develop Soaring Self-esteem and Powerful Self-confidence; Creating a soaring self -esteem, Honoring your uniqueness, creating self- confidence, choosing good self -talk, and self-coaching for daily mastery. This show will cover handling feelings of lacking confidence, self-doubt or in a slump [ in areas of sports, performance and test taking] not feeling special or not fitting in, mistreating oneself, negative talk, and feeling of helplessness.

 Create Your Vision, Achieve Your Goals, & Manifest Your Dreams! Create your vision, Achieving your goals, Understanding Law of Attraction, Understanding the power of visualization, Using affirmations, Gratitude.
This show will cover correcting the feelings of Drifting through life, lack of direction, not achieving any goals, feeling jinxed or having a streak of bad luck, feeling grumpy, moody, cynical, lousy attitude, experiencing anger, life is not fair, feeling sad, depressed, and having problems with change.

 Covers topics such as learning to bust through fear, mistakes, failure, and change. This show will include how to handle and correct feelings of shame and embarrassment, how to feel after making a mistake, what to do when experiencing disappointment or failure, and not waiting until circumstances where certain way, like I, would be happier [ if I was smarter, Skinner, more prosperous, funnier, prettier]