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Dear Barb and Dorie,

I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding puppet show. Everyone in the community that attended had such a wonderful time. I really appreciate that you were able to come to perform at our library. 

Your show was extremely delightful. I loved all the puppets and your unique touch of adding bubbles at the end of the show was a lot of fun. Thank you so much for making our conclusion of the summer truly enjoyable.

We look forward to having you again. Many, Many thanks for a very special program.

Enjoy the remainder of the summer.




I wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed the show you produced for my daughter's birthday party. Your skits were so clever and your jokes and dialogue seemed to be perfect for her age group (5 year olds) Several mothers have commented to me that their daughters really liked the show. You kept them enthralled for almost an hour. 
How talented you are! Thanks!




On behalf of the children and staff of Newtown Township Summer Camps we would like to thank Puppets Pizzazz for visiting our camps this summer. Everyone had a fabulous time and enjoyed the performance immensely. We hope that the kids will relay to their parents how much fun they had watching the puppet show, so that Puppets Pizzazz may entertain them at their next birthday party. We will forward to you the article that was sent to the paper for your portfolio. Thank you again for visiting camp this summer. We hope to see you again next year.




Puppets Pizzazz is an exciting and stimulating experience for students. All the classes at Saint Bede the Venerable School located in Holland, Pennsylvania, thoroughly enjoyed the show. 
Audience participation is encouraged and our students (ranging from Kindergarten to Grade Eight) responded by clapping and singing along. What a positive way to stimulate interest in theater, music, and good entertainment which this program offers.
It is always a pleasure for me to welcome Puppets Pizzazz to Saint Bede the Venerable School and to recommend the program to other schools.
It is a fun, positive, affordable program offering audience participation which is suitable for a variety of ages.




Dear Ms. Barbara Tomlinson,
Whether this was your first time or your second time or your third time participating in Historic Bristol Day, your performance/enactment was so well received that the Historic Bristol Day Committee wants to thank you and extend an invitation to return next year. Historic Bristol Day will take place on Saturday October 16th, 2004. 




Dear Puppets Pizzazz,
I am writing to you regarding my special needs son. My sister spoke with you about how your puppet show impacted my son 'Nicholas'.
'Nicholas has a rare neurological disorder called Tuberous Sclerosis. He has very serious health problems (brain tumors, seizures, kidney and heart tumors). In addition, he is developmentally delayed with behavioral issues. 'Nicholas' has always responded to music which is used at home and at school. But, until your show, we did not know that puppets could be so powerful and educational for him.
At home, we are using puppets daily to strengthen his pretend-play skills, express his needs more appropriately and for him to better understand the rules/following directions. At School, his speech therapist is using puppets during his sessions which helps to keep him on task and make the session more enjoyable and productive. In addition, she is using the puppets to teach 'Nicholas' about emotions and how to express feelings. His teacher is using the puppets as reinforcers for good behavior. It is amazing how he has responded so quickly to this art form. Luckily, my brother-in-law videotaped your show and 'Nicholas' watches it on a regular basis.
Thank you so very much for sharing your theatrical art with our family. Puppets Pizzazz has truly touched Nicholas in such a positive way.